Virtues Curriculum

From the Virtues in Practice Program by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecelia

“Virtues in Practice is a program for children in grades pre-kindergarten through eight to grow closer to Jesus by imitating His life and virtues. It is set up in such a way that a whole school studies the same virtue each month, to provide a whole-school (and at home, whole-family) focus. The program covers 27 virtues over a three-year cycle, with 81 saints held up as models of the virtues.”

The Middle School Advisory Program

Virtue and character formation: The Advisory Groups are a place to intentionally focus on personal character and developing the virtues appropriate for a Catholic school. Also, when certain school wide issues need to be addressed, they can be addressed in the Advisory Group.
Advocacy: Each Advisor can get to know deeply a small group of students, and be more aware of what may be going on in his or her life. The advisor is a first point of contact for the parent who may have general concerns about non-academic issues like social skills and character formation. The Advisor also goes to any IEP/504 or parent meetings for his or her Advisee that are appropriate, and may be invited to other meetings between the principal and parents.
Community building: The Advisory Groups form a smaller group within the class for students to encourage one another and build one another up. They are a place for nurturing positive relationships, and for practicing often-missing social skills in an environment supervised and directed by their Advisor.