The Symbolism Behind Our Crest

After much hard work and prayer, we are pleased to present our new Epiphany Catholic School Crest. This striking crest has been designed to be a graphic statement about who we are as a Catholic school. Every symbol on the crest represents a significant component of our mission and our identity. The crest will soon be available on spirit wear and some uniform components, but it is not required and does not replace our well-known school logo. We hope that you see the value of this new crest and that it becomes a living testimony of our desire to form citizens and saints for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Symbol: The Epiphany star represents the manifestation of Christ as the Son of God;
most specifically, Christ manifested Himself in His life in three distinct ways: Adoration of the Magi (Christ to the gentiles), Christ’s Baptism, and the Wedding Feast at Cana.

How the star represents Epiphany School:
The Epiphany Star is our school’s namesake. At Epiphany School, we partner with parents as the primary educators of our students and work together to manifest the light of Christ to our students and our community.

Symbol: The three crowns represent the Adoration of the Magi, the Trinity, and the three offices conferred upon us at Baptism: priest, prophet and king.
How the three crowns represent Epiphany School:
  • The Adoration of the Magi symbolizes Christ’s kingship and how Epiphany School is called with the courage of the three wise men to follow the light of Christ. With the boldness of the Holy Spirit we must proclaim Christ’s Good News to our students so that, like the three wise men, they may have courage to proclaim the Word of God.
  • Our belief in the Triune God makes us distinct from other religions and religious organizations.
  • Epiphany School’s mission is to help students live their life sacramentally through the three offices conferred on them at their Baptism: priest (sacrificially), prophet (proclaiming God’s Word) and king (using their talents to further the Kingdom of God).

Symbol: The shield represents the theological virtue of Faith.
Like a shield, Faith must be firmly grasped and held up as a barrier between ourselves and the Enemy. Gripped with firm conviction, it reflects knowledge of God and a confident trust in Him.

How the shield represents Epiphany School:
Epiphany School’s mission is to form students who are confident with strong, interior principles and the tools to transform the world. We believe that there is a knight within each of our students, waiting to be formed and sent on a mission.

Symbol: The sword represents the Word of God.
St. Paul describes the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit. In warfare, swords could be used to attack and to defend oneself or others. However, one could have a perfect sword but lack knowledge how to use it to achieve the desired results. Therefore, before a soldier can wield the sword to produce the desired results, he must first spend time and effort to become acquainted with the art of using the sword. This means that through knowledge and virtue, he must believe in what the sword can accomplish, then learn how to put it to good use.

How the sword represents Epiphany School:
Central to Epiphany School’s mission is helping each student form a personal relationship with Christ. By teaching our students the Word of God, and how it applies in their lives, they will become better armed to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Symbol: The Marian Monogram represents our Mother Mary.
Lumen Gentium states…in suffering with Him as He died on the cross, Mary cooperated in the work of the Savior, in an altogether singular way, by obedience, faith, hope, and burning love, to restore supernatural life to souls. As a result, she is our Mother in the order of grace (#61). Since Mary was born Immaculate, without sin, and lived a life of perfect virtue, each and everyone one of us is called to reflect on her life and strive to live as she did, perfectly in Christ.

How the Marian Monogram represents Epiphany School:
Central to Epiphany Epiphany School invokes the intercession of our Mother Mary and desires to reflect her actions by being a co-mediator (co-educator) with parents in the formation of their children. Epiphany School desires to help parents form their children by helping them develop spiritual discipline and virtue that reflects the life of Mary.

Motto: Christus Vincit – Christ Conquers
Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly King. He is so by virtue of His being the God-Man; but He is also King by a right of conquest, which He acquired when He became our Redeemer. Salvation history is the true story of the Reconquest of all creation for the One True God. Christ will be the head of a reborn humanity, which is also His Kingdom, His Church. To do this, He has to conquer the strong man armed — the Devil. His Church, too, will participate in this conquest.

How Christus Vincit represents Epiphany School:
Central to Epiphany The Catholic Church’s vision is to evangelize the world and bring all of mankind to Christ. Catholic Schools are one of the main instruments the Church uses to fulfill this goal. Epiphany School participates in Christ’s conquest by living out its mission to help form tomorrow’s saints, capable of assisting the Church’s vision and bringing to fulfillment Christ’s Kingdom.