In a Partnership of Faith with our families, Epiphany Catholic School educates children through truth, goodness, and beauty. We provide a Catholic environment that forms students in knowledge and virtue to become saints and citizens who love Christ and His Church.

Dear Parents,


As Pastor of Epiphany Catholic Church and School, I am determined to make sure your child receives the finest education and the finest faith formation. This is a tall order but educating and passing on the Catholic faith to your child is just that important!


Now notice the order when I stated, “As Pastor of Epiphany Catholic Church and School…” The school is not primary and the church merely a subset of the school, a funding mechanism if you will. The church is primary, the pastor is in charge, and the school is a mission of the parish. Together, with our principal, teachers, and the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit, we work together to form your children into outstanding citizens and great Saints! We count on your role as primary educators of your child to partner with us in faith so that the fullness of this Catholic education can be realized in your child.


It is possible that Catholic education can fail in many ways. Sometimes the education is given only according to public school standards. That fails. It is merely subsidized private education. Sometimes a good education is given but without the Catholic faith. That fails too. It yields only “Country Club Catholics” or “Cafeteria Catholics.” You often see these people in leadership positions in Washington, DC and in other places where the spotlight is upon them. Sadly, they are “Catholic” in name only.


Our goal at The Church of the Epiphany Catholic School is to provide your child with an authentic classical education. This includes reading great books, learning geography, studying history (not a watered-down or rewritten version) with names, places and dates. This is done by teachers who really believe in Jesus Christ and the teachings of His church. They not only profess the faith but strive to live it to its fullest. But even this is not enough. We count on your witness. We count on you submitting your whole life, your marriage, and your family, to Jesus Christ and to what His church teaches. Now we have something powerful: a real Catholic community, with real Catholic families, offering a real Catholic education!  This is the fruit of the partnership in faith that you will find at Epiphany Catholic School.



In Christ,

Fr. Dufner