I appreciate that teachers in many grade levels know my children; not just their name, but their interests and abilities, the activities they participate in, and their friends. The community of educators make a point of knowing the students and genuinely care for them and about them.

We feel so blessed to have our kids at Epiphany Catholic School. The teachers’ dedication to forming our kids in faith and virtue are truly what sets our school apart!

Epiphany exceeds our expectations, not only in the level of education our kids receive but also in the molding of their faith and character. Teachers are not only dedicated educators, they are virtue role models that we are so grateful for. And the personal attention our kids receive in the classroom is outstanding. We couldn’t be more happy to call Epiphany home.

I can’t express enough how happy we are with our son’s progress this year. Not only is he having the best year grades-wise, his level of maturity, pride in his work, and motivation to learn is just soaring. As a mom who has been very involved in his homework in past years, it’s so incredibly wonderful to see him take off. I am now a helper at home instead of feeling like a teacher. The weight has been lifted! I can see that he’s comprehending so much more on his own. And putting in great effort. And he really enjoys school! Going through his Thursday folder is a treat each week, versus a battle.  He’s so proud to show me his work. The flip has switched! We are so grateful!

We are so happy with how the Preschool program prepared our children for kindergarten!  We have also been very satisfied with the academic pace of the Kindergarten and 1st grade. All of my children feel confident and prepared for the next grade level at the end of the year.

My child is receiving excellent moral formation and appropriate discipline in a loving and helpful manner that reinforces making good choices.

Bottom line, we want a faith filled excellent Classical education with a balance of extracurricular opportunities that foster good character. We are very thankful to have found this at Epiphany School!

I really appreciate the changes being made academically, especially with the introduction of Singapore math. My child who hated math last year is choosing to to extra practice for fun at home. THANK YOU for this change! I also like the change to Latin, I am learning and growing right along with them here. It is fun as a parent to have them say table grace at home in Latin. The pride they show is awesome! Finally, uniforms – love the change in middle school uniform expectations especially with mass attire. Well done all! Please keep focusing on the direction you are. These changes amazing and I cannot wait to see what is next. Thank you to all the staff for everything they do for my children each day. Many blessings to all of you.